SPI Driver


This is a CMOS based serial to parallel converter IC with dual mode for positive and negative voltage outputs. It comprises of a 32-bit register and provides the functionality to choose between 6/8-bit output words. Positive and digital mode is selected with the help of a MUX. The chip has an on-chip LDO for +5V to +3V conversion and a negative voltage generation block with on-chip oscillator. During power-saver mode, the oscillator frequency is reduced drastically to sustain negative voltage at No Load condition.

Key Features

  • Single supply +5V
  • CMOS/LVCMOS control logic
  • 6/8 bit Serial to Parallel interface (SPI-Digital)
  • Digital Serial input/output (+3.3/0 V)

  • Dual mode output (+3.3/0 V) or (-3.3/0 V) for GaAs attenuator or phase shifter control
  • On-chip negative voltage generation
  • Integrated negative output voltage for GaAs gate driver
  • Power-saver mode