6-bit Phase Quantizer


It is a fast 6-Bit Phase Quantizer based on the Flash ADC architecture. It calculates relative phase information and converts phase into 6-Bit binary data within 25nS. An active-low Chip Enable pin allows to turn off the power consuming block. Additional GLB pin is added to latch the thermometric code. An input LPF with cut-off frequency 100MHz is added to cancel out errors due to offset gain mismatch and noise. Low amplitude input signal can also be quantized due to the implementation of high resolution and high-speed comparator. The output of phase quantizer is 6-bit binary. Each output is having a driver and capable of handling 10p load.

Key Features

  • Input Signal SIN and COS with ± 80mV(min) to ± 800mV(max) amplitude.
  • Input Signal frequency up to 100MHz.
  • 6-bit Binary output
  • Maximum Through-put time 25ns.
  • Phase bit error of quantizer output ±1 LSB which is ±5.625°.
  • Active-Low chip enable.

  • Power supply +3.3 V & -3.3 V.
  • Operating Temperature -40 ̊C to +125 ̊C.
  • BCD 180nm technology.
  • Bare Die Dimension 2.36 mm X 1.16 mm.
  • Diagnosis block for testing each sub block of Phase Quantizer.
  • ESD protection up to 2KV.