This is a Ring Quad CMOS switch stage 5-12GHz fully integrated double balanced passive mixer with active intermediate frequency (IF) balun.

Key Features

  • Down Converter (IF 0.1-2GHz, RF 5-12GHz)
  • Conversion Loss of 6dB to -3dB
  • Noise Figure(SSB) 7dB-13dB
  • LO to RF Isolation >15dB
  • RF to IF Isolation >40dB
  • IP3 (at input with input tones at 0dBm) 10-14dBm @100MHz
  • P1 dB (Input) 3-6dBm

  • Current consumption of 23mA from 2.5V supply
  • Active IF BALUN and passive RF and LO BALUN
  • CMOS 65nm Technology
  • The input referred 1-dB compression point and third-order input intercept point IIP3 are better than 3dBm and 13dBm respectively.
  • Total power consumption of 50mW (2.5V supply)
  • Die area of 0.42mm²