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Being incubated in FabCI, the i-TIC foundation at IIT Hyderabad, Lemonflip Pvt Ltd focuses on CMOS based RF and Analog IC/IP design for consumer application and defense services. High performance RF IPs: Low Noise Amplifiers (LNA), Mixers, Phase Locked Loop (PLL) and Analog IPs: SPI Driver, Phase Quantizer were designed through CSR funding with FABCi support. Lemon flip has designed 5 IPs and is actively looking for investments to develop " Defense Application-specific High-Performance CMOS IC/IP for Radar Applications".


Lemonflip team has developed following indigenous CMOS R&D IPs

SPI Driver

This is a CMOS based serial to parallel converter IC with dual mode for positive and negative voltage outputs.
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Phase Quantizer

It is a fast 6-Bit Phase Quantizer based on the Flash ADC architecture.
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On-chip LNA

This is a SISO, stand-alone, fully on-chip wide band LNA with integrated buffer. It incorporates feedforward noise cancelation method to eliminate the requirement of an external BALUN.
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Wideband Integer-N PLL

This is a wide-band Integer-N PLL incorporating optimized dynamically biased switched-capacitor (DB-SC) bank structure in the VCO for a wide tuning range.
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On-chip Mixer

This is a Ring Quad CMOS switch stage 5-12GHz fully integrated double balanced passive mixer with active intermediate frequency (IF) balun.
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